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When a good cop leaves the ‘job’ and retires to a better life, many are jealous, some are pleased and yet others who may have already retired, wonder.  We wonder if he (she) shows what they are leaving behind, because we already know.  We know for example that after a lifetime of camaraderie that few experience, it will remain as a longing for those past times.  We know in the law enforcement life there is a fellowship which lasts long after the uniforms are hung up in the back of the closet.  We know event if he throws them away they will be on him with every step and breathe that remains in his frame. We also know how the very bearing of the man speaks of what he was and in his heart still is.

These are the burdens of the job.  You will still look at poeple suspiciously, still see what others do not see or choose to ignore and always will look at the ret of the law enforcement world with a respect for what they do; only grown in a lifetime of knowing. Never think for one moment you are escaping from the life.  You are only escaping the “job” and we are merely allowing you to leave “active” duty.

So what I wish for you is that whenever you ease into retirement, in your heart you never forget for one moment that “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called children of God,” and you are still a member of the greatest fraternity the world has ever known.”

Author Unknown


The Coastal Carolina Shields is a fraternal group for retired law enforcement officers living in the Grand Strand region of North and South Carolina.  The Groups mission is to provide an opportunity for retired officers to meet and network with each other in a social atmosphere.

We currently have over 900 members representing 350+ different law enforcement agencies from all over the United States, District of Columbia, Federal Government and our Canadian counterparts!

Some of the activities our members can join in are

*** Our Quarterly HR-218 Qualifications ***

Golf Outings, Motorcycle Trips, Sporting Events, Fishing Trips, Shows, Cookouts, Christmas Parties and More

We meet the FIRST Tuesday of every month at the Legends Golf Course, 1500 Legends Drive (Off Hwy 501) in Myrtle Beach.  We encourage new members to come and visit with us.  The meetings start at 7:00 PM but you may arrive earlier to have something to eat and drink at the Legends Pub.

We look forward to seeing y’all at our next meeting at The Legends Golf Clubhouse at 5:30 PM for dinner and 7 PM Meeting. 

Meeting Dates 2017

  • June 6
  • July 4
  • August 1
  • September 5
  • October 3
  • November 7
  • December 5


Please do NOT Park in the traffic circle on Clubhouse / Bag Drop side as this is a FIRE LANE and MUST be clear.